The kitchen and bathroom design software for professionals.

2020 Fusion Live is the next generation of kitchen and bath design.
Designers all over Europe use 2020 Fusion Live to create beautiful spaces for their clients.
2020 Fusion - Say goodbye to generic catalogues.

Design using cloud-based manufacturers’ catalogues.

Design faster and more accurately thanks to 2020 Fusion Live’s online configurable manufacturers’ catalogues accessible via 2020 Cloud.

Designed to help designers sell more spaces.

From photorealistic 3D renderings to 360° panoramas to integrated virtual reality, 2020 Fusion Live is equipped with all the advanced presentation tools that will help designers create stunning kitchens and bathrooms that are easy to show off to clients.

2020 Fusion - Stun clients one rendering at a time.
2020 Fusion - Light up your designs.

Light up your designs.

You can illuminate your kitchen and bathroom designs through the use of external lighting themes and the strategic placement of task lighting, accent lighting, and more.

Add a little bit of personality to your customers’ spaces.

No design is complete without its individual touches. Choose from thousands of decorative items available from the 2020 Cloud, ranging from trendy accessories right through to pets and people!

2020 Fusion - Add a little personality to your space.

Here's what designers are saying about 2020 Fusion.

2020 Fusion - Paula Bather
The latest version of 2020 Fusion has really impressed me and I would now regard it as one of, if not the best, CAD solutions on the market.
–Paula Bather
2020 Fusion - Jonathan Crane
I am glad I have 2020 Fusion at my disposal, I can’t imagine doing all those design revisions any other way.
–Jonathan Crane
2020 Fusion - Sophie Clayton
2020 Cloud has almost everything I need, however there is still the option to import if I need to, which is great.
–Sophie Clayton

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Choose the 2020 Fusion Live edition that's right for you.

2020 Fusion Live Foundation

1-Year Subscription

  • Full-featured 2020 Fusion Live Foundation desktop software
  • Access to all design, presentation & customer management features
  • Access all available file-based and cloud-based generic catalogues
  • Access to 12 months of software updates
  • Access to 12 months of maintenance & support

2020 Fusion Live

1-Year Subscription

Includes all 2020 Fusion Live Foundation features, plus:

  • Access to manufacturer file-based and cloud-based configurable catalogues
  • Access to the Virtual Reality Module

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